Spartan Strong: What it Takes to Overcome Every Obstacle

Team KO, a group of Obstacle Course Racers and Martial Artists, featured on Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, band together to share their secrets to success in overcoming obstacles in both life and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). By compiling their life struggles–cancer, addiction, and poverty–readers alike find relatable guidance to overcoming their own challenges.
Spartan Strong introduces each team member–Bethany Marshall, Zac Allen, Jessica Burton, Andres Encinales–before identifying 19 qualities the team has used as essential tools to incorporate in everyday life. Each chapter includes an opportunity for immediate reader response in the form of a practical takeaway with an accompanying journal prompt.

These four team members emphasize they are not superheroes and they are no different than anyone else. Their message encourages readers to join Team KO’s community and take steps towards overcoming their own obstacles in life, no matter what those may be.

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