Warriors & Wildcatters: Running the Trails in the Valley that Changed the World

Warriors & Wildcatters is a fun, rollicking trek that inspires ultra trail runners and fascinates history buffs. The modern day runners who push their physical and mental limits along the trails in the grueling Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs (50K, 100K and 100-mile events) each October meet the ghosts of the earliest oil tycoons and hardworking civil war soldiers after the war. History and lots of mud from then and now all collide in a glorious adventure combining stories of the trail runners who come from around the world to compete in and experience these events. Snippets and stories of oil boom towns long past are brought to light again through the eyes of the runners. Backpackers, trekkers, and casual day-hikers will also enjoy the stories that inhabit the Gerard Hiking Trail that is the home to the Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs. This truly is the Valley that Changed our entire industrial world.

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