Ultramarathon Diaries: Beginner to Worldwide Running Man and Endurance Athlete Volume 2: Marathon Des Sables You Can’t Outrun The Sun (Ultra Marathon, … Des Sables, Running Man, Beginner, Athlete)

Short Stories About Running and Adventure.

This series of books is about my journey from beginner runner to a sponsored endurance athlete. Each book covers a range of dates in my life. I write a dairy so this is the best, and indeed the worst bits of my journey. Each volume is different and isn’t necessarily in chronological order. It depicts the highs and lows in a snap shot in time. I hope you enjoy reading about my ever-continuing journey to better myself.

This volume is my story of the Infamous Marathon des Sables – The hottest race on earth, The Sahara Desert. Covering 7 marathons in as many days 1000 people each year take on the challenge.

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