The Youth and Teen Running Encyclopedia A Complete Guide for Middle And Long Distance Runners Ages 6 to 18

The Youth And Teen Running Encyclopedia is the first ever complete guide for middle and distance runners ages 6 to 18 and their coaches and parents. It shows the proven formula of Mick Grant, which produced National Champions several years in a row from a group of ordinary local kids, near Mick’s home in Northeast Massachusetts, who asked him to be their coach. The book lays out in detail how youth and teen athletes and their coaches or parents can take them to successively higher levels, year after year, after year, following the proven success of Mick’s training program. What differentiates this program and this book from other programs and books is that it is a unique blend of building endurance and improving basic speed throughout the year, so that the athlete is much better next year than they are this year. The program uses a FUN FIRST approach, making sure the athlete is enjoying what they are doing, and staying healthy to allow consistent training. It is the first such book to cover every topic imaginable for the youth and teen middle/distance runner, jammed packed with over 225 pages of vital information. This book is a must read for all youth runners age 6 to 18, and anyone helping youth runners starting on the way to a life long enjoyment of running, and a successful running career, including youth runners, parents of youth runners, youth runner club coaches, and high school coaches. While this book is geared to youth runners, it is a valuable resource to all middle and distance runners and coaches, regardless of age or level, because the same basic principles apply to all middle and distances runners.

Editorials and Endorsements

Russell Brown, 3:51 miler
“Mick came to me at a critical point in my athletic career. I needed to elevate the level I was competing at and needed to elevate the level I was training at accordingly. He taught me how to be the best, and what it took to win big races. He made it possible for me to receive a world-class education and work in one of the most exciting and interesting industries I can imagine, professional track & field. There are not many coaches with Mick’s knowledge of the sport and commitment to the athlete, and virtually none at the youth level. He has given so much to me, and to countless others during his illustrious career. I will be forever grateful.””While reading on a subject that I consider “my own”, my opinions danced in several directions, but at the conclusion, my impression was that this book is not only comprehensive, but serves as an invaluable resource for coaches, runners, and parents of runners; and one that I’ll use to make some modifications to future training regimens that I prescribe. Information on youth running is nearly non-existent, and sorely lacking; and the sport itself is questionable in many parents’ minds, unlike swimming and other comparable endurance sports. The “truth” lies within this publication, in how important it is for high school and college aged runners to begin as early in life as they do so many traditional sports. Development as a runner goes far beyond what talent can bring, and the process is lengthy in order to be healthy and lasting. I highly recommend this book as a mandatory starting point.”

– Jerry Palazzo, Head Coach Equalizers Track Club – Southern California Jerry is considered one of if not the best youth coach in the country as his club has won 20 Junior Olympic National Team Titles and been in the top 3 nearly 50 times.

“Mick Grant is a fantastic coach who knows how to develop youth runners
into athletes who excel at the high school level and beyond. His
athletes continue to improve each year in a sport where most athletes
plateau during their middle school and high school careers. I have
two daughters and if they end up running I hope they have a coach as
caring and capable as Mick Grant.”
– Jay Johnson, Professional distance coach, Director of Boulder Running
Camps, writer for Acti

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