The Ultimate Speed Training Program: The Turbo Speed Method

Are you always thinking about how you can take your Athletic Performance to the next level? If you’re someone who wants to increase their Strength, Power and Speed in as little as 4 weeks with instant results, then you’re about to discover a powerful, effective, and dominating program designed to do just that! “The Ultimate Speed Training Program: The Turbo Speed Method” goes through a step by step guide to increase Speed, Power, and Strength. This book will show you each step with examples so you have a tactical plan to increase your Speed in as little as 4 weeks.
Inside this book you’ll get;
– Detailed day by day weight room workouts
– Detailed day by day sprint workouts
– Step by step instructions
– Exercise photos
– Advice from my success
– Tips for improved Athletic Performance
– Access to free workouts
If you are sick and tired of training for countless hours without seeing results and want to improve your athletic performance by extremely enhancing your SPEED, STRENGTH AND POWER, this book is for you! It will save you time and you’ll learn the strategies from someone who has already done it, so you don’t waste your time with ineffective programs! Christopher Burris built this comprehensive guide to give you a complete process you can follow to increase your SPEED!

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