The Ultimate Fitness Book Bundle – Marathon Training, Muscle Building Diets, Barefoot Running, Thigh Exercises, and More!

Hi everyone, we’re promoting a special book bundle of 4 great fitness books:

+A Beginner’s Guide to Marathon Training
+The Best Book on How to Barefoot Run
+Guide to Popular Diets for Muscle Building Regimens
+The Best Book on How to Travel Fit
+Best Thigh Exercises

Separately, you’d pay over $17 for all 4; instead, you get them for 40% off in one convenient form!

Here are short descriptions for each book.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Marathon Training

So, you want to run a marathon?

Everyone who makes the decision to run a marathon has their own reasons. Maybe you want to train for a particular race. Or maybe you want to lose weight. Or perhaps you just want to try a new form of exercise. Or, or, or…the list goes on and on.

If you are a beginner and you have made the lofty decision to train to run a marathon, then this is the guide for you. Are you a beginner? For this guide, if you cannot yet run for 30 minutes straight, you are a beginner. If you cannot run 30 minutes or cannot run for just 10 minutes, dont worry, you will get there soon. This guide will also be helpful for people who are in shape but do not run. For instance, if you have been doing martial arts for years, consider yourself physically fit, and do not run, you can still benefit from this guide.

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The Best Book on How to Barefoot Run

Experience the joy, increased health, and fitness benefits of the increasingly popular trend of barefoot running. Our whole body fitness eBook integrates strength training and static stretching videos to increase overall functionality and vitality, and alleviate over-use injuries.

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Guide to Popular Diets for Muscle Building Regimens

Planning on weight training to build serious muscle? Then take a second before you hit the gym. Working out is only half the story. You can lift all the weights you want, but if your diet isn’t crafted to build muscle, your gains will look more like toning. Sure, you’ll see muscle more easily, but you won’t see any increase in size. For real gains, you need to start eating the right foods, too.

A Google search for muscle-building diets will yeild hundreds of different examples. Many do not work, while many others exist mostly to make money. Fortunately, nutritionists, trainers, and physical therapists have been working on power foods for many years now, so they have some proven facts.

Make no mistake: the most important element of your diet is you. Always tailor meals to your own habits, your current goals, and your health. But as you customize, pick what works. With a steady regimen of the right foods at the right times, you can pack on muscle and make every trip to the gym worth it. Here are some popular diet ideas, with tips on how you can get the most muscle and energy.

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The Best Book on How to Travel Fit

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, return home looking and feeling your best! Fitness consultant to Olympians and CEOs teaches YOU how to “Travel Fit.”

Traveling. Lots of stress. No time to exercise. The temptation of food and drink. And that’s before you leave the airport! Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can forget about healthy routines until you get home…right? Wrong! Nationally renowned fitness consultant Tracy Benham teaches Olympic athletes and top executives how to stay fit and focused on the road. Now she shares those secrets with YOU! Take a healthy journey with this eBook!

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