The Fat Girls’ Guide to Marathon Running

Thinking about running your first marathon? Or maybe you already have a place for an upcoming race and are now wondering what the hell you have done.

And ladies, if you are carrying some extra weight and don’t look or feel much like a marathon runner right now, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the wealth of marathon training advice out there…none of which seems relevant for you.


You have plenty of time to get yourself organised and prepared for the biggest adventure of your life….and plus size marathon runner and life coach Julie Creffield will walk you through every stage of the process with her unique mix of humour, realism and practicality.

Covering everything from chesticle chaffing, to mingeries…swamp arse, to blister popping. This book goes where no other book dares to go, with its warts and all account of training as a larger lady.

Julie committed to running her first marathon back in 2005 weighing in at 20 stone and unable to run to the top of her road. She has gone on to run 4 marathons, a 40 mile ultra marathon and hundreds of other races as well as inspiring and coaching thousands of women around the world to survive and thrive in the world of long distance running.

As the creator of the award winning blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running she has transformed the landscape of plus size running, and has worked closely as a coach with more than 100 women to help them train for their first ever marathon. She knows the kind of doubts that women have about their own abilities, and the complexity of marathon training while working and raising a family. Many of the marathon training books out there are great in an ideal world, but let’s face it, how many of us live in that ideal world.

This is a marathon book for those of us in the real world…and you won’t find a more honest account of what preparing for and completing your first marathon feels like.

The book will cover everything from

– Deciding if the distance is even for you
– Securing your race place
– Reviewing your habits and deciding your approach
– Creating a robust and doable plan
– The types of running sessions you need to include
– How to get rid of the negative voices in your head
– Avoiding injury
– Fuelling your marathon journey
– Building your support team
– What to expect on race day
– How to deal with the aftermath…and what to do with your medal

This book will give you the confidence, know how and common sense to see you through what is sure to be some of the toughest months of training you will ever do. It will also help you see that so many of the skills and behaviours you pick up during marathon training are applicable to other areas of your life too.

If you want to get to the start line and the finish line in one piece…this is the book for you.

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