The Best Book On How To Barefoot Run (Safe Preparation Strategies For Running Without Shoes)

Personal fitness coach Charlie Reid, B.S., CSCS, CPT, and personal trainer and coach Josh Leeger, M.S., NASM-CPT, break down the details and benefits of barefoot running.

Experience the joy, increased health, and fitness benefits of the increasingly popular trend of barefoot running. Our whole body fitness eBook integrates strength training and static stretching videos to increase overall functionality and vitality, and alleviate over-use injuries.

->An 8 week training timeline with scheduled exercises, run times, ramp-up exertions, and scheduled down times.
->Videos of low impact activities, stretches, and exercises for overall fitness.
->Techniques that minimize over-use injuries and optimize over-all health benefits.
->Cross-training methods that build up muscle groups for better sports performance.
->Restorative techniques.
->An overview of the barefoot running world, including the best blogs, web & social networking sites, apps, organizations, and minimalist running shoes.

Natural movement is gaining increasing popularity as a fitness technique. Here, health and fitness experts we walk you through our own full body fitness approach. Barefooting done correctly provides increased balance, decreased pain, better posture, greater body awareness, and the joy of being in tune with your sphere of health and surroundings!

Step 1: The Top Concepts You Need To Take From This Book
Step 2: Short Look At Bipedalism
Step 3: Why Barefoot?
Step 4: How To Start Barefoot Running
Step 5: How To Get Connected With Others
Step 6: Which Minimalist Shoe Would Work For You
Step 7: Barefoot Walking & Running Techniques
Step 8: How To Cross Train For Barefoot
Step 9: How To Restore Soft Tissues
Step10: The Barefoot Training Schedule
Step11: Nutrition
Step12: Supportive Technology


– Barefoot Running
– Why Barefoot?
– How To Start Barefoot Running
– Choosing Your Minimalist Shoe
– Barefoot Walking & Running Techniques
– Barefoot Cross-Training
– Soft-Tissue Work
– Barefoot Training Schedule
– Nutrition
– Appendix: References and Supportive Technology

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