The 4-Hour Marathon: The Bulletproof Guide to Running A Sub 4-Hr Marathon

The 4-hour Marathon gives you a bulletproof framework to prepare, train and complete a marathon in under four hours.

The average marathon finishing time is somewhere between four and five hours. The four-hour mark has become a benchmark for many – a target time to beat, a badge of honour.

The framework in this book takes the four-hour finishing time as its starting point, and works backwards to guide the runner in their training and preparation. With a tangible goal, your training and preparation can be tuned to prepare you – whether its your first marathon or your fiftieth.

The five principles that the four-hour marathon theory is built upon are:

-Design a Robust Training Plan (and stick to it)
-Stay Injury Free
-Train on Pace, not Distance
-Get the right gear
-Prepare exhaustively.

Training plans are included inside the book, as well as links to downloadable, customizable files.

Thomas Watson ran his first marathon in 3hrs and 58mins and has gone on to run dozens of sub-4hr marathons since. He also runs a website,, through which he has helped thousands of runners achieve their goals.

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