Sprinting: The Complete Guide to Sprinting and Developing Athletic Quickness

The Most Effective and Complete Guide to Sprinting, Speed Development, and Athletic Quickness

Speed is perhaps the most sought after quality in the entire athletic world. Whether you are a track and field athlete, running back, tennis player, or even powerlifter, the ability to move quickly is critical. This book details the most powerful methods for increasing linear speed and athletic quickness – but these methods go much further, causing rapid fat loss and all round athletic development. These are the same methods used by top Olympic athletes, coaches, and nutritionists that I have personally trained and consulted with. I can guarantee that by following these principles and applying the various methods, you will get faster – A Lot Faster!

You Will Learn:

1)Correct Sprinting Technique – Each Phase is Broken Down and Analysed Fully
2)The most effective Sprint Workouts to Increase Liner Speed
3)Offseason Programs
4)Competition Programs
5)Strength Training Methods for Amplifying Force Production and Increasing Power output
6)Conditioning and Fat Loss Methods
7)Nutrition for Sprinters and Optimum Athletic Success
8)A Complete Guide to Supplements and Ergogenic Aids that Boost Sprinting Performance
9)How to Select the Correct Sprinting Equipment and Athletic Gear
10)Much, Much More!

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