Slow Running: Running for fun: without going too far, too fast, too soon

This book is about Slow Running.

This is a short book with a simple theme: that running should be fun.

Slow Running is about running for fun: enjoyably, sustainably and without injury: taking the time to enjoy being there and letting yourself feel what you are doing. Along the way you will learn to run more lightly, to feel better as you run, to listen to your body, to pace yourself naturally, and to vary your style and pace and stride to suit the day, the path, and how you feel.

Slow Running lets you focus: on what you are doing, where you are, how you feel. It lets you be there, in the moment, being active, out in the world, being part of it. It also helps you avoid injury, build a firm base of running miles, and develop a lighter, stronger running style: but these benefits are secondary to the main point: Slow Running is fun.

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