Running To Leadville

Running to Leadville is a story about a young man with a challenging past who finds himself and his love of running, only to lose nearly everything.

The story captures the connection between life, love, loss and the battles within. The story also tells the tale of running away from your past and everything you’ve ever known to find yourself and your future.

Running to Leadville centers around a character, a fictional High School runner, who perhaps as a result of his parents’ divorce and an absent father just doesn’t fit in. Then one day during English class he meets a girl. This girl and their growing relationship help him for the first time discover who he is, uncovers his love of long distance running and exposes a hidden talent.

The years after high school re-shape his life in ways he never thought possible nor could have ever seen coming. During a long training run, his life and his future plans take a detour as a result of a violent and terrible twist of fate.

Running to Leadville is also a tale about the rigors of the ultra-endurance world. Set on the stage of one of America’s toughest Ultra-Marathons, the Leadville Trail 100. This race is known affectionately as, the race across the sky, introduces the reader to extreme adventure running. Set within the high altitude terrain of the Colorado Rockies the Leadville Trail 100 is not for the weak. The 100-mile course covers elevations ranging from 9,200 to 12,600 feet above sea-level. The race and the mountains it spans demands respect. It is one thing to run 100-miles, it’s another thing to stay awake for over 24 hours and it’s exponentially harder to do all of this at altitudes above 10,000 feet. This story promises to take the readers to the highest peak of Hope Pass and the lowest of lows as doubting yourself emotionally and your ability to physically take the very next step.

Mostly, Running to Leadville is a story about running the race of your life, overcoming and finding the true YOU who may have been hiding all along. Running to Leadville is about taking back your life.

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