Running Marathons: How I Lost 50 Pounds in 8 Months By Changing My Diet and Running Marathons

By the time I was 12 my weight had been up as high as 166, and at the time I was only about five feet tall.

Junior year was different, I became pregnant, my boyfriend and I were committed to get married so we got married the day after our Senior Prom!

My husband decided to join the Marine Corps Reserves. When my husband returned, it was obvious to us that we had married far too young, and it really wasn’t going to work out. We separated.

I was a very busy single mom. I simply had too many other priorities, I was inconsistent with my food, too. During these years, my weight typically vacillated between and 150 and 210. I topped out at 215.

My sister Lisa’s idea was to run a marathon! We started slowly, of course. Marathon training was amazing and running a marathon will change your life.

I lost weight every week over 24 weeks starting in August 2013. I’ve lost almost fifty pounds in eight months and can really see a difference in my body.

Let me show you how I did it.

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