Running: Lose Your Belly and Become a Runner, The guide to go from observer to competitor in a short time (Run, Nutrition, Gym, Marathon, Race, Untramarathon, … Eat, Fitness, Faster, Program Book 1)

In this book you will learn key steps to become a runner and becoming a better you. 

Are you stressed out? Overweight? Caught in the same loop feeling your vitality and youth slip away? It’s time for a change and by checking this book out, you already know that. We all want a way to improve ourselves and with money being tight in today’s economy we can’t all afford an expensive gym membership or to hire a personal trainer. Running is one of the best, cheapest, and most convenient exercise programs out there and by reading this book, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, slimmer you!

This book starts by naming some of the many reasons why you will love running. You will get a chance to meet a new group of people that are supporting, inspiring, and kind out on the trail. You will get a huge sense of accomplishment in a very short time. You’ll eat healthier and actually like it! Your confidence and self-worth will rise. Then there’s always the stress relief and solitude, which is reason enough for some people. There are many reasons to get out there and run. These are some that most people experience and you will add some personal ones too.

This book also has chapters on how to actually start running and do it successfully. You won’t be throwing on any old shoes and running out the door for ten miles. You’ll start out slow and easy into a comfortable pace. When you start to get the hang of running you will push yourself a small amount, but you’ll see big changes. Your endurance will increase and your strength will grow. Soon you’ll be running almost the whole way and then before you know it, you’ll be crossing the finish line of your first race. This book features two beginner running programs that are easy to follow and are flexible to what your body and schedule allows. The biggest and most important rule when you start any new exercise program is to not go too far, too fast. With every step of your progress, you will listen to your body and know when you can push yourself and when you need to practice a little longer. There is nothing wrong with staying on a step for an extra week or two!

You will also learn the basics of how to eat healthy and apply it to every meal and snack. In a world of convenience, fast food chains and the pre-packaged freezer isles, it’s easy to pick up a pizza and not think about it. But how long will that pizza keep you full? How good are the nutrients in that pizza? Will they help your body make the most of your run, and your day afterwards? With a few simple changes, your eating habits can get back on track and your hips back into those jeans you used to wear years ago!

The first step is reading this book and getting started today! No waiting what-so-ever. Tonight could be the first night of the new you, and all you have to do is get reading and then take your first step. What are you waiting for?

In this book you will learn:

  • The Reasons That Will Keep You Going
  • A Quick Look At Numbers And Psychology
  • Getting Started and Getting Out
  • Tips, Tricks, And Programs to Follow
  • Crossing The Finish Line
  • and Much Much More!

Thanks again for downloading this book. 




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