Running for Potato Chips – Overcome Your Dread of Running with Surprisingly Simple Motivational Secrets and Unique Running Tips (Beginners Running Book)

I do it for an absolutely unimpressive reason: I run for potato chips…Well, alright to be entirely accurate – I do it for nachos, cashews and cheese curls. I also lace up my shoes for doughnuts, cupcakes and apple pie. In short, I go through all of that trouble because I love stuffing myself silly.

As a trained sport psychologist I know all of the conventional wisdom when it comes to why people should get into running. But the beauty and simplicity of running for something as mundane as potato chips…or any such indulgence… is that anyone can do it. The secret is really finding the right key that will open the door for you.

In this book you’ll also learn about:
– Essential running gear
– Where to run
– When to run
– Secrets to building motivation into your routine so running becomes second nature

Whether you are interested in looking thinner, feeling more attractive, or having more energy this book can help you. I’ll show you the easiest way to start running, stay motivated, and change your life forever… without having to stop living it.

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