Runner’s World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running: How to Make the Healthy Transition to Lightweight Shoes and Injury-Free Running

No topic in running has gotten more attention lately than minimalist shoes and barefoot running. Proponents say that running barefoot or in lighter, lower shoes leads to better running form and fewer injuries. But others caution that ditching your regular running shoes for barely there models can increase, not decrease, your risk of injury.

In this indispensable guide, veteran running writer Scott Douglas draws on the knowledge of leading coaches and other running experts to show how and why to make the move safely to running in less shoe. Full of real-world wisdom, this book explains why most runners should consider minimalism, gives simple tests to determine if you’re ready, shows how to make the transition safely to running in less shoe, and reveals easy exercises to improve your running form once you’ve switched.

If you’ve been wondering whether minimalism and barefoot running are for you, let this book be your guide to a lifetime of healthy, happy running.

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