Optimized Runner – Learn the 10 Keys to Becoming an Optimized Runner from a 3X – XTERRA Trail Running World Champion

If you are new to running or simply looking to increase your running performance, knowledge, and motivation, this book is for you.

The goal of my book is to help people of all ages & abilities to become the best runners they can be (Optimized Runners) in the most efficient, effective, and economical way possible.

In my book, I have condensed all of the knowledge I have gained from 25+ years of running experience, education, and coaching into my “10 Keys to Becoming an Optimized Runner” along with 10 Checklists for you to track your progress. Including:

1. How to “Avoid & Deal with Injuries”

2. What “Footwear” is optimal?

3. What “Equipment” is optimal?

4. How to “Stretch” before and after you run

5. How to have optimal “Running Form”

6. How to develop an optimal “Training Program”

7. What is an optimal “Strength Program”?

8. What “Nutrition” is optimal?

9. How to have an optimal “Race” and a bonus section on Ultramarathons

10. How to “Encourage & Inspire Others”

In addition, I have included 10 Inspirational Stories from some amazing people of a variety of ages & abilities to encourage & inspire you along your running journey. Including:

1. Norm Edmond – Shares how he traded in “coffee and donuts” for “5k’s and marathons”. In addition, he shares how he learned his “MOOMBA” mantra.

2. Michael Sitzman – Tells us how “sheer will and determination play such a large role in a successful outcome.”

3. Timothy Truitt – Shares how running has helped him to “have a better self-image, more confidence, and the knowledge that most hurdles in life are not about if I can, but how long is it going to take.”

4. Denise Aucoin – Talks about her goal of running (and doing marathons!) well into her later years in life.

5. Richard McKnight – Shares how running has helped him to deal with his “bipolar disorder and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)” and to be a good example for his kids.

6. Kristin Steele – Tells us how she has overcome the challenges of asthma & allergies to finish multiple ultra-marathons.

7. Kevin Kau – Shares how his running helped him to lose 65 pounds and inspired his entire family to live a healthy lifestyle.

8. Lucy Smith – Tells us to get away from thinking in ‘absolutes’… whether it’s the thought ‘I am not a runner’, ‘I am terrible at hills’, or ‘I could never run a marathon.’

9. Ed “Jester” Ettinghausen – Shares how “Running 100-mile races is overwhelming, until you take it one step at a time, one mile at a time, one aid station at a time, and one finish line at a time.”

10. Kenny Patton – Tells us how ‘Running and Special Olympics helped build his confidence and led to a lot of wonderful opportunities; including finishing the Duke City 5km and becoming a Special Olympics Global Messenger”

Finally, I have included 10 Inspirational Quotes from some iconic runners & people to further encourage & inspire you.

Enjoy! Coach Keith

p.s. All proceeds from my book will go towards funding the Surprise Running Club and Surprise Special Olympics Track & Field Team.

Coach Keith is a USA Track & Field Certified Coach, 3X XTERRA Trail Running World Champion, World Duathlon Bronze Medalist, 3X Western States 100 Mile finisher, 15X Ironman finisher (including Kona 6X via the KonaFive & Epic5 ultra-triathlons), and former NCAA nationally ranked distance runner. In addition, he is the founder and head coach of the Surprise Running Club (500+ members) and the Surprise Special Olympics Track & Field Team, both based in Surprise, Arizona. Most important, he loves to encourage and inspire everyone to reap the life-transforming benefits of running.

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