Marathon Running: Marathon Training, Diet And Nutrition For Long Distance Runners, Endurance Training And How To Know If You Are Ready For A Marathon

There is a misconception that long distance running is a preserve of the few. This is not the case because there are a lot of people out there finishing marathons. Anyone can condition their body to participate in these races by following a training schedule. All it takes is dedication and discipline. Many people know little about how to train adequately for a marathon or long distance race.
This book describes some incredible tips to assist you get ready for long distance races. The book describes how to know you are ready to train for a marathon and the kind of training to undertake to get your body in shape. It also describes nutrition aspects of training and how to recover from training and from a race.
The guide covers:
-How To Know If You Are Ready For A Marathon
-Training For The Marathon
-Training Schedule
-Working On Your Speed
-Allowing The Body To Recover
-Sample Training Schedule
-Training To Help You Run Farther
-Things To Watch Out For During Endurance Training
-Diet And Nutrition For Long Distance Runners
-Example Of A Good Meal Plan For Long Distance Training
-Marathoner’s Wall
-Mental Preparation For The Race
-Recovering After A Race

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