Its Science Stupid… The Physics and Physiology of Sprinting. The New Guide for Parents, Athletes, and Coaches: The 2018 Guide. Learn Technique and Understand the Big Controversial Issues.

We now live in an information age, more so than we did 10 years ago. With so much research and knowledge at your fingertips, why not be aware of the science, technology, and new developments of your sport? Why rely solely on an unproven copycat coach and controversial practices? If you have the passion, I will arm you with the science. So, get ready to Sprint faster, coach winners, and also be able to impress your Biology, Physics, and all your other science teachers.

The things that we practice day in and day out through the years become habits, both bad and good. As we practice and repeat these habits we get better at them through the years, both bad and good. This would include getting good at procrastination or planning, saving or spending, proper technique or uniquely ugly and ineffective. So why would you ever practice something not good, not a function of your sport, or a controversial issue, when there is never enough time to teach and practice functional technique, and all other good aspects of specific sports? This applies to everybody, writers, police, teachers, parents, athletes, and coaches.

I believe coaching is to Teach and Inspire Greatness. As a coach you should not be a drill sergeant. Working out is secondary to learning technique. An athlete should be inspired to be on the team and ready to learn their science from a master. Therefore the coach should be able to demonstrate that they are an accomplished student of the sport and thus, ready and able to teach.
Most athletes endure muscle and soft tissue injuries that are avoidable. Some have the misfortune to experience joint and bone injuries. The activities that cause these injuries cause up to an 8% reduction in performance for quick twitch or explosive athletes, such as sprinters, jumpers, golfers, etc. After this decreased performance athletes strain to regain their previous performance levels and then are sidelined by an injury.

To become a better Sprinter, Jumper, golfer, etc. Learn and practice the science that affects your sport or events. This practice could take years to develop muscle memory, speed endurance, and mental execution and conviction. Do not offset the development, harmonic balance, and progress of a growing child with copycat controversial methods.
There are no short cuts, cheats, or instant improvements to better performance that is sustainable.

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