Fast Kids Don’t Train Slow: The ultimate player’s guide to running faster

In ultimate, people like to say, “You can’t teach tall.” Lots of players also believe you can’t teach speed.

This book is out to dispel that myth. Speed is a skill. You CAN learn to run faster. And to run faster means more scores, more Ds, and more glory on the field.

Dunte Hector of ATX Speed has coached over 100 ultimate players around the world to run faster, jump higher, and minimize common injuries since 2015. He has dozens of pages of data which show:
* most players have improved their short and long sprints by MORE than 10%
* ALL players have fewer missed practices because of his injury prevention & rehab protocols

*** Praise for Fast Kids Don’t Train Slow ***
“It’s awesome to read a book that’s useful and not just a long missive about how ultimate shaped some guy’s life.” – Simon
“While the concepts can apply broadly, I appreciate knowing that what’s in the book is written with the ultimate athlete in mind first and foremost.” – Sarah

If you want to experience ATX Speed’s proven training methods — if you want to run faster and be one of the all-star players on your team — then buy Fast Kids Don’t Train Slow. You can become one of the fast kids. You can have the glory of blowing off your defender and being wide open for easy catches. You can earn the respect due to players who come from behind to knock down discs. You can condition with precision to arrive at your biggest tournaments in great shape AND healthy.

You may have to give up traditional ideas about training for ultimate to reap the rewards.
* Is it really possible to become faster?
* How does lifting weights improve your game?
* Are track workouts helping you as a player?
* Should your training be different in the offseason than during the season?

This is the first book for ultimate which answers all of those questions and more. Fast Kids Don’t Train Slow gives you all the tools you need to make a statement next season. This book lays out exactly why the fastest players on your team rarely seem to work the hardest. It explains how running fast really happens inside the body. It exposes the most common mistakes ultimate players make in their training which result in burnout, poor performance, and — at worst — devastating injury.

And every word is backed by data, research, and the experience of athletes who have trained with Coach Dunte.

*** What ultimate players say about training at ATX SPEED ***
“Beach Nationals was the best I’ve ever felt and played on sand, so I was totally prepared for the tournament in that regard. I had many compliments on how well I played and how EASY it looked for me to play in the sand. At our most recent grass tournament, I received a lot of comments on my speed and cutting, which is what I’ve primarily been working on.” – Chris

“I’m faster and have way more endurance than I ever did before. I’m keeping up with and beating people that used to smoke me. People I’ve played for a while have been impressed with how much faster I am.” – Kevin

“I think the long warmups and recovery work during the season are doing a lot to keep me healthy. After a recent tournament, some teammates said, ‘I haven’t seen you play like that before!’ ” – Kyle

“Coach Dunte taught me proper sprinting form, helping me get open on my defenders and stay with my person on defense. He has also helped me understand that training for ultimate isn’t about feeling terrible after workouts, but rather focusing on correct form, doing reps at 100%, and listening to my body.” – Rebecca

“During tryout season all the captains and people running tryouts said I looked way quicker and more explosive than last season.” – Tom

Do you want the same success? Do you want teammates to be surprised by your new speed and endurance next season?

Buy Fast Kids Don’t Train Slow. Follow the training programs. You’ll be glad you did. Your match-ups will wish they had beat you to it.

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