Barefoot Running – Tips on Technique, Avoiding Injuries, Barefoot Shoes, Training and More

This book is a transcript of an interview with Zane Christopher who has been barefoot running for a number of years and has even done completely barefoot marathons (completed in 4 hours 14 minutes at Big Sur, and 3 hours 47 minutes in his latest one). You’ll learn all about what has worked and what didnt’ in his journey.

* Why do barefoot running?
* The differences between high priced running shoes, minimalist shoes and 100% bare feet.
* How heel striking may be causing you injuries and how to do the fore or mid foot strike instead
* Important often-overlooked technique details
* The different body mechanics in walking, jogging, and sprinting
* Pose Running vs. Chi Running. vs Barefoot Running
* What to do to ease into barefoot running to minimize pain and injuries
* How to work up to a barefoot marathon
* Becoming more in tune with your body and enjoying the run more
* Foot care and how to avoid blisters on your toes
* What to start running on and what to avoid (The common beginner mistake you really need to avoid)
* Recommended Reading
* Is running a complete program? What needs to be added?
* How to structure your training
* And much more

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