Barefoot Running: Minimalist Running! The Art of Shoeless and Barefoot Running for Beginners (Barefoot Running – Minimalist – Jogging – Track and Field – Running)

Become World Class at Barefoot Running!

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All you ever wanted to know about Barefoot Running and more

Barefoot running is a new phase of running, but many people will argue that it’s just a fad. Though, either way barefoot running is a way to run just like our ancestors used to. The muscles in your feet, legs, and even hips will build up to let you run more naturally and even safely.

Of course, there are some dangers in barefoot running, but inside this book you’ll learn how to avoid them. There’s even a product called barefoot running shoes that will help you to run on uneven surfaces, past debris, and even in unfavorable weather. Picking the right barefoot running shoe becomes easy when you have all the information laid out in front of you.

This book will teach you it all from how to start, drills and techniques, to why it’s popular, and even to decide if barefoot running is something that you should start or hold off on. Feel more grounded, less stressed, and a little happier by connecting with your ancestors, yourself, and the world around you through barefoot running.

7 Reasons to Check This Book Out

1.This book will teach you what barefoot running actually is, as well as how to get started.

2.Inside this book you’ll find tips and techniques on how to barefoot run safely and properly.

3.This book will show you drills and techniques to use when starting to barefoot run for the first time.

4.This book teaches you how to barefoot run a little more each day while staying safe in your routine.

5.Inside this book you’ll learn what type of shoes to buy for barefoot running, and even if shoes are right for you at all.

6.This book explains why barefoot running is a healthy option for most people, while still exploring the dangers it could hold.

7.Inside this book you’ll learn what questions to ask yourself to determine if barefoot running is actually right for you.

What You’ll Learn from “Barefoot Running”

•Why Run Barefoot?
•All About Barefoot Running Shoes
•Sensory Feedback in Barefoot Running
•How to Avoid Injury while Barefoot Running
•Some Techniques & Drills to Start
•Training Tips on Barefoot Running
•The Dangers of Barefoot Running
•A Fad or New Direction in Running?
•Health Benefits of Barefoot Running
• How to Decide if Barefoot Running is For You

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