Barefoot Running: Have Feet, Will Travel

Have you ever watched race footage and noticed athletes who ran without shoes? Did it make you wonder why someone would choose to run barefoot, considering the ever-increasing number of footwear options?

Perhaps your response was to write them off as crazy. After all, running without shoes has to be pretty painful and risky, right?

Athletes and non-athletes alike are curious about this seemingly extreme form of running that’s been sweeping the athletic world in the recent years, and are wondering about the many beneficial claims made about barefoot running.

In Barefoot Running: Have Feet, Will Travel, you will find the answers to all your questions about barefoot running, from its science, to its history, to its controversy, to its claims.

Barefoot Running: Have Feet, Will Travel is written to help you understand the theory, practice, and potential benefits of barefoot running as well as to help you decide whether it’s something that might be right for you.

Topics / Chapters covered include:

The Barefoot Trend: A History of Barefoot Running
The Science of Movement
Why Run Barefoot?
A Critic’s View of Barefoot Running
Barefoot vs. Minimalist Running
Is Barefoot Running for You?
Transitioning to Barefoot Running
Barefoot Running Form and Techniques
Barefoot Running Injuries
Benefits of Barefoot Running

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