50 Trail Running Tips for Beginners

Updated 2017 Edition: Find out the latest trail running tips in this updated guide to everything you need to know to get started on the trails!

Want some trail running training? I can help.

Before you delve into those thick trail running books, pick up this simple trail running guide…

50 Trail Running Tips for Beginners goes way beyond most articles you read about beginning trail running.

Have you ever wondered:

• How do I get started trail running?
• Do I need to buy all new gear?
• Where should I go for my first trail run?
• How do I run up those hills?

I’ll answer those questions and many more you may have in this comprehensive guide to getting started trail running. In my past 10 years of trail running and ultra marathon racing, I have learned a bunch of trail running tips and training ideas I’d like to share. In this guide, you will learn some of the basics such as:

• How to tie your shoes
• How to run uphill
• How to prepare for your first ultra marathon

Don’t miss tip #24, the single most important thing you need to learn for successful trail running!

Want a training plan for your first 50K? this guide will get you started. I even added a list of common Trail Running terms at the end so you have an idea of what everyone is talking about. Get your trail running started on the right foot, go Trail Running Crazy!


By Rose
I am a beginning trail runner, so this was a good book for me. It gives good tips as to running techniques, etc. that are different on a trail than on a paved surface. Uphills, downshills, rocks, etc. It also has a glossary of trail terms which helped me decide on what trail runs to do.

By Mark
A really good primer for runners moving from the road to the trails. I enjoyed the quick read and felt enlightened. Good for reducing the knocks in the school of hard knocks for trail runners.

By Betty
Succinct reminders to somewhat experienced trail runners and good points for those new to trail running. No need to wade through scientific articles to prove the point.

By Spinnerbella
I really enjoyed the short but informative book. Picked up several things that I will be using. Nice for newbies…don’t get buried in too much information.

By UltraRunner
These tips are handy. It’s always good to be reminded to the basics. Trails are great fun and can be enjoyed by anybody.

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